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      Dongguan Shenghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

      For the user: the intentions of services to customers, so that human life colorful.
      Staff: to create space for development to enhance the value of staff, improve the quality of life.
      For the community: to promote the healthy development and serve the community the progress of civilization.

      Business philosophy:
      Integrity! Realistic! Innovation! Efficient! responsibility!   

      Moral principle:
      Rather lose money, never lose credibility;   Clear vain man, honest work;
      Work better, others in good faith and pragmatic;   Business regardless of size, should be treated equally;

      Corporate style:
      Serious, responsible, strict, active and efficient
      Serious: excellence, inquisitive
      It is responsible for: the courage to take responsibility for in the end
      Strict: strict management, grueling. Self-discipline, strict law person, strictly in work processes, strict reward and punishment.
      Active: Active accept the task, take the initiative to assume responsibility, take the initiative to identify problems, take the initiative to improve and perfect.
      Efficient: clear work plans, rapid response. Done something today, tomorrow leave space.

      ABOUT US
      Company Profile
      Company Culture
      Factory Show
      Multi-maximum current connector
      Single maximum current connector
      European standard acid-proof connector
      Anti-shock high current connector
      High current harness
      Company News
      Industry News
      Dongguan Shenghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
      Tel: 0769-89872288
      Contact: Mr. Bai
      Mobile: 13694979792
      Address: Room 301, 2nd Floor, Office Building, 39 Science and Technology Road, Fudi Science and Technology Park, Hongtu Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City
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